Celebrate the wedding in your own garden

A long search for the perfect location, expensive castles, churches or halls - planning a wedding can quickly put a strain on nerves and wallets. But many don't even need to make the effort, because they literally have their wedding paradise right around the corner: in their own garden. A wedding in your own garden allows maximum individuality in the design, usually simpler and cheaper preparations and a particularly personal, homely ambience.

Nevertheless, there is a lot to do for your dream garden wedding. In our 10 tips, we will tell you how your wedding in your own garden will be a complete success.
Is it possible to get married in your own garden?

Yes, of course you can celebrate your wedding in your own garden with all the trimmings, but you still can't avoid a civil wedding. A wedding in your own garden is only possible to a limited extent. If you want a free wedding ceremony, it is best to discuss this in advance with your wedding speaker. Unfortunately, those who generally want to get married in a civil ceremony cannot do so in their own garden.

What to wear to a garden wedding?

Whether you celebrate a noble or relaxed garden wedding is entirely up to you. You can get married in a gorgeous white dress as well as in a casual bridal outfit - just make your wedding dream come true!

If the majority of your celebration takes place outdoors - i.e. without a solid surface - then please do yourself and your female guests a favor and provide flip-flops or something similar. Nobody is happy about high heels in the lawn. There are also beautiful bridal shoes for the bride herself, which are great for the garden.

For a celebration in a relaxed garden atmosphere, you can also offer flip-flops as gifts. This little gift will certainly be very much appreciated at a later hour.

What do you have to consider at a garden wedding?

Even if planning a wedding in the garden is usually more relaxed, there are a few points to keep in mind that you should keep in mind. We give you 10 tips for planning your perfect wedding in your own garden:

1. Bring the garden into shape

When we think of a garden wedding, we like to think of lukewarm starry nights, romantic flower gardens and numerous twinkling lights. In order to make this magnificent dream come true, the garden must also look like this, which means: weeds, brown patches of soil on the lawn and unkempt flower beds do not fit into the picture.

The best thing to do is beautify your garden all over. Sure, gardeners and landscape designers cost a lot - but in most cases they are not even necessary. Take your time and take care of your garden paradise over several days. The good thing is, you'll still benefit from this investment long after the wedding.

2. Make sure you really have enough space

A boisterous celebration is not much fun in a completely overcrowded garden and quickly leads to unpleasant situations. The number of your guests and your guest list in general should therefore definitely match the circumstances.

In addition to planning space for tables and chairs, please consider music, food, space for dancing and the ceremony itself. Please calculate generously.

You can do the math like this: depending on the type of celebration, the amount of space required varies. For a 3-course menu you need a table arrangement and approx. 1m² of space per person, a buffet approx. 10m² per table, a wedding band approx. 10m² and a DJ 5m². If play corners for children or quieter areas for older people are planned, then more space is required.

It is also important here whether you only want the celebration in the garden or whether the wedding ceremony should also take place on site. Of course, you need more space for the latter – namely plus 1m² per guest.

3. Is there enough parking space?

As a rough guide, you can use the following: divide the number of your wedding guests by two and you will know how many parking spaces you should definitely have available. These should of course be close by. Otherwise, a shuttle service is also wonderful. This brings your guests to your house in a very uncomplicated way.

4. Rain at the garden wedding? No problem!

Even if your wedding is in the middle of August, there is a chance of bad weather and sudden rain. And squeezing all the guests into your living room doesn't sound very seductive.

Our advice: don't push your luck. Regardless of the weather, rent (or buy) a beautiful tent for your wedding. Even if it's not raining, a tent (especially in August!) is a wonderful idea, because it also protects against hours of blazing sun, wind (keyword: flying wedding decorations) and constantly blown out candles.

5. Note rental costs

It's great that you saved on renting a location for your wedding in the garden. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean everything will be dirt cheap. Because: At a location you get enough tables, chairs, etc. You have to take care of this yourself in your garden and possibly rent additional tables, tablecloths, a dance floor, crockery, chairs, etc. These costs add up quickly. Please calculate this item generously in your wedding budget.

6. Think about extra toilets

This point is often forgotten: the toilet. Approximately 35 guests are expected per toilet. Depending on how many people you invite, you may not have enough bathrooms to avoid a long queue in front of the toilet.

So before you have annoyed guests standing in front of your toilet or they look for another place to do their business, simply rent a decent toilet van for one evening. In this you can also provide a small basket with emergency and hygiene products.

7. Wedding dinner, drinks and cake

Whatever food you choose on your special day, make absolutely sure that it is fully protected from the climatic conditions at your garden wedding. The cake in particular plays an important role here. It is often too big for the fridge at home. Outside in the heat, however, it spoils quickly, collapses or simply gets in the way. So either make sure that the cake is delivered at exactly the right time, or simply offer yourself and your guests a rustic vintage waffle cake with fresh fruit.

The drinks definitely deserve special attention at your garden wedding. The warmer it is, the more of it you should stock up on. Please do not save on this. A separate fridge or refrigerated truck is helpful here. A large bucket of ice to cool bottles is also a must. Or: Borrow all kinds of cool boxes in different colors from all your friends and neighbors: This will quickly make your garden colorful. These have to be refilled again and again during the celebration - feel free to ask family, friends and witnesses for reliable support. Of course, you can also simply commission a catering service. They can also give you many valuable tips and easily establish a good connection to other service providers if this should be necessary.

8. The perfect floor as a dance floor

Rename your normal piece of meadow to the dance floor without further ado? Not a good idea! A lawn always has bumps that rarely get along with tipsy guests - especially not if they are still wearing heels (which we have already advised against). To avoid twisting, stumbling, and tripping, make sure you have a decent dance floor. Your lawn will also be happy if it is not punctured or flattened.

9. Let your guests help you

Even though garden weddings are becoming more popular, they remain unconventional in themselves. And if that's the case, then the rest of the celebration can be different than the norm, too. So make sure you let those around you help you set up or take down, or ask them to contribute something to the dessert or buffet. A wedding in your own garden always has a home-made character. A self-conjured buffet goes very well with it.

10. Very important: Prepare guests and neighbors accordingly

Be sure to give your guests the chance to prepare for all circumstances. This starts with any change of clothes and towels (e.g. if you are planning garden games with water) and ends with letting your neighbors know in good time that it might be louder that evening. Think through your entire day, including eventualities, and prepare your guests for what is to come in the invitation.

Small gifts or an invitation to the wedding quickly ensure understanding among your neighbors or even active support in the preparations.

We wish you an unforgettable wedding in your own garden and many magical memories.