5 Tips for Choosing a Suitable Wedding Location

Getting married can be so wonderfully diverse: Some dream of a pompous fairytale wedding in a castle like Cinderella, others would rather have it traditionally in dirndl and lederhosen, still others see themselves as a bridal couple at a currently popular vintage wedding in the open air. It quickly becomes clear that the motto of the wedding celebration must also match the location. After all, a fairytale wedding in a modern concrete bunker would be unimaginable. So before you start choosing a wedding location, the style or motto of the wedding should be determined. This is the only way to create a well-rounded concept for your celebration.

Number of invited wedding guests

After a civil wedding, celebrations are usually held in smaller circles. A free wedding or a wedding service in the church, on the other hand, is often followed by a big, lavish party. All bridal couples should therefore consider in advance what kind of wedding you have in mind and then at least roughly define the number of wedding guests to be invited. Different wedding locations fall off the wish list very quickly because they do not offer enough space, for example.

Open Air Wedding

Especially bridal couples who get married in summer often want a location where they can spend time outdoors with their wedding party. A free wedding ceremony in the countryside is currently very much in vogue, but celebrating in the open air on a mild summer evening also underlines the romance of the day for many. Unfortunately, the weather gods don't always play along and so this topic causes a lot of headaches for many bridal couples. Ideally, the location should be prepared for all unpredictable weather for your celebration. Be it sufficient space or large marquees with solid floors, the side parts of which can be removed in good weather, but can be easily attached again in bad weather. So you can relax and look forward to your wedding and the weather report.


Anyone planning catering for their wedding must also take this into account when choosing the right wedding location. Is there a separate kitchen with enough space and cooling facilities for food and drinks? Are there high voltage connections that may be needed? How much space does the caterer need to set up the food in the location? If the bridal couple is planning catering, it is worth discussing with the caterer in advance what is really needed and how much space needs to be planned in the room. If you fail to do so, there can unfortunately be nasty surprises very quickly.

Band, DJ and dance floor

Unfortunately, what often happens when planning a wedding is that the location is chosen solely based on the number of wedding guests. Basically not wrong, but what about a DJ, a band and the dance floor? Music drives the party to the climax and is actually on the to-do list of every bridal couple. But plan enough space for it, because on a dance floor of only 2 square meters it will be difficult to heat up the party atmosphere.

If you take these tips into account, you are sure to have created the best conditions for making the right choice for your wedding venue. Of course it's definitely worth taking a closer look at the wedding bussiness listed on Top Bridal, they will make your big day much easier!