5 Tips to be More Relaxed on Your Wedding Day

Are you really looking forward to the wedding and wondering if everything will go smoothly? The closer your big day gets, the more butterflies you feel in your stomach. Wobbly knees are likely to peak on the wedding day itself.

Don't worry, that's completely normal and it's allowed to be, because one of the most important days of your life is ahead of you. We'll give you 5 tips that are guaranteed to make your wedding day more relaxed.

Stay more relaxed on your wedding day with these 5 tips!

It's almost here, your wedding day. Surely you have 100 things in mind that are pending and at least as many that could go wrong. Your stress level increases to a maximum, everyone feels like they want something from you.

If you're wondering if there's a way to make your upcoming wedding day a little more relaxed than you're feeling right now, then we're happy to announce: YES!

Most of the time it's the little things that bring chaos to the big picture. You can arm yourself against many events. We have little or no influence on other things - how do we deal with them?

1. Double check: Preparation is everything!

The day before the wedding, it is best to check all your identity documents again for completeness and validity and have them ready immediately. It's best to go over your big day in your mind. If you have prepared a checklist, read it again at your leisure and make sure that all points have been fulfilled. Feel free to involve your groomsmen and bridesmaids in the process again. In general, you should involve them in as many tasks as possible and, if possible, hand over everything that you don't necessarily have to do yourself to them.

Are the bride's emergency bag and groom's survival bag fully packed and ready? Wonderful!

Here you can read all about the duties of the witnesses and bridesmaids.

2. Establish clear responsibilities in advance

You should do as little as possible on your big day yourself. Who is the contact person for service providers, who helps guests with ambiguities and who keeps the children in check?

Our answer, as in the previous point: groomsmen, bridesmaids and also the bridal families.

Ask for help from those close to you and set responsibilities for the entire day that do not affect you or your partner.

The thing is: you will have enough to do as the focus of the entire day, constantly smiling, small talk, shaking hands and - getting married. Best of all, you should enjoy it all. Believe us: This keeps you busy, leaving little time for all the trappings or breakdowns.

Let us help you!

3. Plan a fixed morning routine for the wedding day

Think about an extensive morning routine for your big day, which of course includes your general habits and also prepares you for the upcoming events.

Do you always do yoga or meditation in the morning? Do it today too! Do you have a newspaper for breakfast every day? Also on this day!

Humans are creatures of habits. We feel more comfortable and have a better sense of control when we follow our routines.

Of course, your wedding day is not like any other and requires far more preparation. But your loved ones will also be happy to help you here if you tell them how they can help you.

4. Schedule extra time buffer

The wedding day rarely goes exactly as planned. Just ask those around you! Maybe your wedding speaker is stuck in traffic, the flowers are suddenly delivered very quickly or a supporter is suddenly absent due to illness and let's be honest: someone always cancels spontaneously. Maybe someone oversleeps, there are inconsistencies in the location, it's pouring rain, or something else happens that shakes the schedule.

Therefore: Be sure to build in time buffers for circumstances of force majeure. We promise you: you will need them, even if it's just for a breather. This makes everything around you much more relaxed.

5. Cell phone off!

But what if something unplanned happens (it will), your partner needs something or you want to take a few photos yourself? At this point we would like to refer again to your groomsmen, who certainly have a mobile phone.

And believe us: everyone with a smartphone will take photos. You've probably already thought of a professional photographer. But that won't stop your guests from making memories themselves. Lean back and let yourself be photographed on the most beautiful day of your life. This not only saves you nerves, but also cell phone memory.

6. “Letting things go wrong”

No matter how thoroughly and carefully you plan your big day: there is always something. And if that is already predetermined, then you can also let it happen directly. Many things can no longer be solved spontaneously and then the only thing that helps is: inhale - exhale - carry on.

Also: Isn't it the little glitches that make the day really authentic and special? In addition, this is exactly how the best anecdotes are created, which are still laughed at years later. Then, if you're lucky, there's even a photo of your uncle accidentally knocking over the wedding cake, the puppy in the ladies' room, the stain on your wedding dress (which, of course, you were able to remove immediately thanks to our SOS spot cleaner).

Prepare everything you can and reduce the chance of Fortune making mischief as much as you can. And then: Just get married and enjoy.

Your love is what matters.

At some point this exciting day will be over and you will go to bed with your new spouse. As a newly married couple, a whole new phase in life begins - and that's what matters.