Finding the Right Wedding Planner

In New Zealand, wedding celebrations have been on the rise again for a few years. Whether modern in an industrial ambience, in a hotel, rustic in a barn or magnificent in the ballroom of a castle: most bridal couples want a very special, unforgettable wedding celebration. Just how do you do that? How and when do you prepare a wedding that the bride and groom can say at the end: This is exactly how it should be.

At someone else's wedding, one is usually far too occupied with the beautiful details and sensory stimuli to think about how much planning, effort and heart and soul they put into them. Was there a wedding planner? We are impressed by the parties and celebrations of others without questioning.

Only when you are in the situation of wanting to plan your wedding and starting your first research do you become aware of the challenge that goes along with the way there. You too are happily engaged, but just got to this point? Does the groom sleep with a ring box next to him in the bedside table and has the bride already dreamed of your dress? Like many couples, you will certainly feel overwhelmed by the offer and yet you will not find anything that you think is sufficiently individual and suitable for your wedding. No wonder, after all, you don't marry regularly.

How do you negotiate with the operators of event locations? How extensive does the catering have to be if you are expecting more than twice as many people as you have ever had to serve on birthdays? When do you settle the formalities with the registry office? How do you keep your guests' children busy? According to which criteria do you choose the date of your wedding ceremony? Where do you get your music from and do you have to buy rights for it? Which service can be personalized and where do you have to look for alternatives?

Depending on your first decisions, for example regarding the wedding venue, many questions will answer themselves and all of a sudden new ones will arise. Because only you know what is already included in the service offers that you have booked. Before you ask a wedding planner for advice, you are the one who has to keep track of things, whether alone or in pairs.

Wedding preparations require precise planning, exact cost calculation and the attention to many important details. This requires experience and above all - requires time, which many do not have. Anyone who loves a challenge and doesn't know what to do with their energy will be enthusiastic about planning a wedding. However, most other people don't feel quite the same way most of the time.

Service companies are commissioned for many everyday tasks because we don't have the time ourselves, we can do other things better or we simply want to have more time for ourselves. So why not for something as important and unique as your individual and unforgettable dream wedding!

Wedding Planning

You should start your wedding planning with the search for a suitable wedding location in your region. It will provide the framework for your entire program. Only when you have this step behind you can you gradually start to fill it with your wedding planning so that everything fits together later. It is important that it also suits you. So be extra cautious when looking for your wedding location.

Decide with how many guests you want to hold your party and which criteria are essential for you when you research the desired location for your wedding. Of course, the bride and groom should agree as much as possible on this. A spacious outdoor area, special rooms, a church in the area or overnight accommodation in the location? Do you need a stage for your program? These are just some of the thoughts and desires that influence bridal couples when choosing their wedding location.

We would advise you to visualize your wedding in detail and write down all of these organizational criteria. If you then set about viewing, you can ask your gut feeling undisturbed at every formally possible wedding location.

Even if the wedding ceremony is to take place in a special place and is part of the wedding for you, whether civil, church or free, this second place should be chosen with care. Not only the atmosphere and the place play a role, but also the distance to the event location. If not all of your guests arrive by car, you will have to rent a means of transport if in doubt. The event location should therefore, if possible, be close to the bed & breakfast or the conference hotel where your guests from outside want to spend the night.

If you have a very unusual idea of how your wedding location should be set up, you naturally also have the option of renting a completely or largely empty hall in many places. You can design it freely for yourself – or have it designed freely. Because maybe you want to celebrate your wedding in the villa you are saving up for or in the French hotel where you met. Then a small ballroom, which is available to you in a simple and customizable way, would certainly be a good choice. This alternative is often cheaper, but probably a bit more time consuming even if you hire someone to do it.

If your wedding location would also be suitable as a photo location, that would be ideal. In older buildings or architecturally striking ones, you should therefore pay attention to whether there are enough light sources or whether they can be carried in, or that they do not spoil the overall picture. Even if you are aiming for an after-wedding shoot at a separate photo location, you certainly want beautiful shots of the celebration as well. In a classy conference hotel there will always be a second room for your wedding portraits and, of course, enough lighting in the room.

You can find out which venues are in your area on the Internet or in wedding magazines or from friends or acquaintances who have already celebrated your wedding. A wedding planner in your region will certainly have some insider tips for your wedding in a dreamlike location.

If you have a desired date for your wedding, you can request this in the locations of your choice or book your dream location. The sooner you do it, the more confident you'll feel. Knowing when and where you are going to get married is priceless.

If you're initially overjoyed with your decision but begin to have doubts over time, don't freak out. As long as it's just the little things that bother you, you'll be amazed at what you can get out of your wedding location with the right flowers and decorations. If in doubt, you can also rent pieces of furniture for the day of your wedding or dress up the wall whose color you no longer like.

Once the framework for your wedding, the “roof over your head”, has been found and the date confirmed by your desired location, you can take a deep breath and start planning your wedding. If you have a desired date for your wedding, you can request this in the locations of your choice or book your dream location. Once the date has been confirmed by your desired location, you can take a deep breath and start planning your wedding.