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Preparing for a wedding is both exciting and stressful. You need to be prepared emotionally, physically, and financially, and because it will only happen once, you have no room for error when the big day finally arrives. Select the region you wish to explore. Also, below are some money-saving tips that will come in handy during the preparation process.

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Wedding money-saving tips

1. Start early when shopping for a wedding dress. The dress will be one of the most expensive items on your list, so you need to take your time if you don’t have a big budget for an expensive one. Having someone customize one for you or buying the latest ones off-the-rack would could get very expensive so you may want to try lesser-known stores (especially those that are on sale) and online shops. You need plenty of time for this, so you have to start early. Compare prices and do not be too particular about the brands. A great place to start is by reading our what to wear to a wedding guide.

2. Make your own invitation, or ask an artistic friend / family member to make it for you. Wedding invites could cost a lot, especially if you have many guests, so you can go DIY and make your own to cut down on expenses. This would add a personal touch and your guests would surely love it!

3. When decorating the venue for the wedding reception, you can put together finds from thrift stores rather than having a big company do it for you. This will allow you to be creative (Having a vintage theme, for instance, would create a charming and photogenic feel), so keep an eye on sales and bargains. You’ll find many discounted items especially after the holidays.

4. Limit your guest list to just your parents, grandparents, siblings, and closest friends. Some couple do not even invite the extended family and just invite them over at home for some drinks. Also, when inviting each person, make it clear in that there is no plus-one by indicating that there’s only one seat reserved for them.

5. Have your wedding on a weekday. Venues will charge more if you choose to celebrate on a weekend, so pick a less busy time of the week. You will be able to pay a lower rate if you book any day between Monday to Thursday.

6. If you want to cut down on catering costs, you can opt for having the reception in the afternoon. Having your reception at lunch or dinner time will require you to serve full and heavy meals, so you may want to consider booking around 2-5pm so you’ll just have to serve light snacks and drinks.

7. Think before you hire a wedding band or a DJ. You may just want to set up your own sounds by playing your own music. It would be nice to have music that you actually like, so you can just plug in your own playlist while you and your guests celebrate.

Apply these tips for your preparation for your big day and you’ll surely be able to save money and still have a beautiful and memorable celebration. Plan early and be creative. You can get inspiration everywhere–magazines, the internet, suggestions from family and friends–so take your time and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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